Dedicated to offer and promote good governance, quality standards, management models, and help in the foundation of esports organizations, as well as bringing together businesses and companies focused on Esports.

Providing models of constitution, political contact, codes of conduct, ethics among others, we create an environment in which Esports is developed in a responsible, sustainable and inclusive way.
The members can bring together their needs and expertises and promote esports business and opportunities
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If you want to lead the Esports industry and business, you need to have good standards, fair sport policy and stay at the top of the business chain.
Get connected and share your needs, create opportunities to make partnerships, engage yourself into a healthy environment and promote your ideas and conquer your dreams.

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WESCO is here to create, promote and support
The main goal of WESCO is to create healthy and solid roots for the esports environment for countries and their governs and national organizations, sustainable business for games developers and publishers and promote a network of different companies to work with all the esports ecosystem
Regulations and Rules
We can offer support to create your local regulations and rules, completely adapted to your culture, legal affairs and country resolutions
Business Model
We will help you to create your own business plan to apply in your local esports enviroment and according to your posibilities
Statutes / Documents
Your Statute will be under institutional compliance and with all the necessary points to make your organizations a responsible entity
Educational / Social
Educational, Social Inclusion and of course Professional Esports approaches is what you are going to operate under your own organization umbrella